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Exposure Podcast Network was cultivated on the premises of exposing our listening audience to positive content; working to change the narrative as to how we see one another.

 Exposure Podcast is presented by Podcasters from around the world, our community represents: 

  • Positive Content that will Open Up Our Listeners to Engage in Conversations
  • Highlighting true journalism
  • Women of Excellence 
  • Men Who Stand 
  • Relationship Growth [Personal & Professional]
  • Humanity & Culture Awareness 
  • Social Welfare & Justice
  • Parenting & Family Lifestyle 
  • Relatable and Respectable Conversations 
  • Business Development 
  • Wealth Building 
  • Industry Experts
  • Thought Leaders
  • Real Estate 
  • Young Entrepreneurs 
  • Tech Space 
  • Health & Wellness 
  •  College Life 
  • Politics & Government 
  • Book Clubs
  • Community and Activism 
  • Investigative Journalism 
  • Community Watch 
  • TV Streaming Apps
  • People of All Races

Exposure Podcast Network is a community-based streaming network hosted by Podcasters from around the world. If you’d like more details or learn how you can get involved by sure to email our office today at info@etna.tv 


Contact: info@etna.tv
Programming Director: Nicole Harvin

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