Podcast Personality Tam Lawrence interview with International Speaker and Bestselling Author Sherry Gideons.

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“Sherry Gideons is a transformational keynote speaker, international bestselling author, spiritual teacher,

Life mastery consultant, health and wellness expert, a survivor of 2 near-death experiences, and Host of the “High Vibe Nation” along with over 30 years of experience guiding individuals and groups to living better health, greater happiness, and peak performance. 


Sherry has a unique story that includes two near-death experiences, the first in 1997 following a heart attack. Then in 2004, after the delivery of twins, she experienced a second massive heart attack and returned to life spiritually transformed. Her doctor told her she could die in a year without a heart transplant and would never be able to exercise again.

As a life mastery coach, Sherry used the universal principles she teaches others, immediately turning away from the appearance of illness. Sherry told the doctor she would heal to 100% of her capacity, and focused on the opposite of dis-ease, which is wellness. Today, she is totally healed.

Having gone through childhood with deep wounds and poor self-image herself, Sherry helps people to transform the way they think of their body image, their health, and their life. She uses her own life as an example, sharing simple truths that encourage individuals to relate them to their own experiences. As a coach and mentor, Sherry has taught many followers to create health, wellness, and the highest image of themselves. One of her goals in life is to share her unique way of creating desires, dreams, and goals deliberately with individuals globally around the world. After Sherry’s first NDE she took three years off from competing and took the time to heal the wounds on the inside. In 2000 Sherry made a comeback into the fitness industry the right way the real way and eventually turned pro-all-natural. The same year she was approached by bodybuilding.com as well as several other companies to represent their company as their spokesperson.