November 20, 2021

Elderly Woman May Lose Home Owned by Family for Almost 100 Years

Washington Informer, Our House D.C
Photo By:Associated Press by copyright

Our House: Keeping Homes Black-Owned in D.C.’s Ward 7 and 8

The property at 4304 Jay Street, NE, in Washington, D.C., has been owned by the Chappelle family for 96 years. The home was purchased by Mildred Chappelle’s parents, Belton and Janie Chappelle, on June 20, 1925.

Chappelle was raised in this home along with her brothers, Stanley and Edward, and sister Gladys. Another sibling, Julia, passed away in 1925 at age five, and her mother resided in the home until she died in 1998.

After graduating from Dunbar High School and New York University, Chappelle became a D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) teacher. Upon her retirement as an educator, she obtained a real estate license and became a realtor. She owned seven properties in the District and Maryland, including the one on Jay Street.

Chappelle no longer resides in the home she lived in for over 60 years. Now 97-years -old, she has been living with her sister, Gladys, on Tuckerman Street N.W. since 2012. Her sister helps provide Chappelle with full-time healthcare support due to advancing age and dementia. She is confined to her bed.

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