Dr. Liz Clayborne

We at Narrative Matters are pleased to introduce Emergency Medicine Physician Elizabeth Clayborne, the founder and CEO of NasaClip. Nosebleed season is now here! It generally starts from October through March. Dr. Liz reports that “currently, there’s about a third of U.S. households where someone has common, recurrent nosebleeds.” Her invention, NasaClip, is an easy-to-use, convenient device that quickly stops nose bleeds in any setting. Dr. Clayborne explains that Nasaclip holds a customized external nasal compression with Oxymetalozine pre-medicated sponges that go into the nose. She wants this product to be available to the everyday mom and dad and caregiver.

Background on the founder of NasaClip:

“Dr. Elizabeth  (Dr. Liz) Clayborne is a doctor, a mother, a CEO, a leader, and a woman of color. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She attended Duke University as anundergraduate, where she designed her major in Medical Ethics and Religion. Before medical school, she completed a two-year research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in the Social and Behavioral Research Branch of the National Human Genome Research Institute with a research focus on race, ethnicity, and genetics. Dr. Clayborne attended medical school at Case Western Reserve University, where she completed a dual MD/MA Bioethics degree in 4 years. 

She completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University Hospital and served as Chief Resident in her fourth year. Dr. Clayborne is currently a faculty member at the University of Maryland School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine with an academic focus on ethics, health policy, end-of-life care, and innovation/entrepreneurship. Dr. Liz developed a novel nosebleed device, NasaClip, as a resident and, in 2015, was awarded the NSF I-Corps grant, which helped to launch her company Emergency Medical Innovation, LLC. She participated in the TEDCO Builder Fund in 2020 and has raised $2.5M in funding as of September 2023. 

Dr. Liz was awarded a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Phase I grant for $256K to assist with developing her device. NasaClip launched the Class I version of the device in July 2023 on NasaClip.com.  She is the former Chair of the MedChi Committee on Ethics and Judicial Affairs, serves on the Ethics Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and is a member of multiple academic and professional organizations.  She has been featured in several national interviews on networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and CBSN, discussing COVID-19 and health equity and ethics issues. 

She also did a TEDx talk on advance care planning entitled: “How to protect your body and your doctor &’s soul during COVID-19”. Dr. Clayborne looks forward to continuing her career as a practicing emergency physician, innovator, and leader in healthcare policy and reform.  NasaClip will be a must for daycare centers, elementary schools, and senior citizens facilities. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @DrElizPC. The Narrative Matters!

 Please check out NasaClip.com for more information and watch this short NasaClip How To Video which gives a great overview of the device and how it works. We also encourage you to check the NasaClip Origin Video which reviews why Dr. Liz designed the device and its value in the market.


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