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Discover the inspiring story of Clifford Franklin, the visionary disrupting the advertising industry and empowering the Black community through Fuse Advertising and Final Phase Marketing.

Clifford Franklin, a visionary entrepreneur born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, has left a powerful mark on the advertising and marketing industry. Hailing from a solid, hardworking background with parents who instilled values of diligence and resilience, Franklin’s journey to success is a nod to his commitment to excellence. 

Born to two Mississippi parents, Clifford grew up on the north side of St. Louis, fortunate to experience the stability of a household where his father worked at General Motors. This upbringing laid the foundation for his strong work ethic, a characteristic that would define his future endeavors.  

In 1993, Clifford Franklin took a leap of faith and, alongside his wife Sharilyn Franklin. They teamed up with his brother Mike Franklin and founded “Final Phase Marketing”.

FUSE Advertising Agency

This venture marked the beginning of an illustrious career in the Marketing industry. Clifford is also the President and CEO of FUSE Advertising. FUSE advertising, was founded in 1997 as an affiliate company of Final Phase Marketing” The genesis of FUSE was rooted in the realization that St. Louis had limitations, prompting the creation of a full-service advertising agency with a focus on traditional strategies, creative development, and media planning and placement.

The Final Phase Marketing firm provides a range of contract compliances, workforce developments, and communications support services to various governmental agencies and corporations. It is now a certified DBE/M/WBE firm and a shareholder of FUSE, the fourth-largest African American-owned advertising agency in the nation.  

FUSE Advertising has earned numerous awards and accolades, distinguishing itself as the first Black-owned agency to win “Best of Show” in local, regional, and national Addy Awards competitions hosted by the American Advertising Federation. The firm’s success is a tribute to its commitment to creating brand experiences and emotionally connecting with people. 

Beyond advertising, Clifford Franklin has expanded his influence into the realm of streaming content with GFNTV, a streaming video network. This platform hosts live stream concerts, engaging shows like “The Spades Table” featuring celebrity guests playing spades, cooking shows, and exclusive content like “D.L. Hughley Uncut.” 

 When asked about his legacy, Clifford emphasizes that his focus was never solely on financial gain but on building a business that prioritized people, particularly the Black community. His greatest satisfaction lies in knowing he raised a beautiful daughter, maintained a legacy of excellence, and empowered fellow Black individuals in the industry. 

As Clifford Franklin reflects on his journey, he can confidently say that he built a successful business, not just for profit but for the empowerment of his community. His commitment to doing things the right way ensures that his legacy will endure long after he has left this earth.

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