Terysa Ridgeway, an African-American computer scientist, and renowned children’s book author is on a mission to kindle a passion for coding in young minds across the globe. Boasting an impressive career as a Technical Program Manager at Google and the creative force behind the acclaimed Terysa Solves It book series, Terysa is now unveiling an innovative educational toy robot designed to impart foundational coding skills and problem-solving acumen to kids. Meet “Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer” – a captivating robotic companion that effortlessly merges education with play.  

Tailored for children aged 3 and beyond, Alilo The Explorer serves as a catalyst for nurturing critical thinking and algorithmic programming skills. What sets this product apart is its adaptability, offering a diverse range of “plugged” and “unplugged” activities. Kids can engage with the robot by programming it through a dedicated app, utilizing the included floor puzzle pieces, or manipulating the directional buttons integrated into the robot itself.  

Terysa herself articulates the significance of teaching coding to children as akin to granting them a superpower – one that unlocks boundless potential and fuels their creativity. She asserts, “With the release of Terysa Solves It presents Alilo The Explorer, I aspire to stoke the flames of inspiration among a new generation of budding coders, demonstrating to them the exhilarating and enjoyable facets of the programming world.”  Terysa Ridgeway’s journey from a distinguished computer scientist to a catalyst for young minds’ coding aspirations stands as a testament to her commitment to empowering children through technology. Her remarkable contributions continue to inspire and pave the way for a brighter future in the realm of STEM education.