This post was originally published on Defender Network

By Aswad Walker

High-stress, low-reward jobs are not only bad for your financial bottom line, they are literally deadly, especially for Black men.

Research recently published in “Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes” shows that men working high-stress jobs yet receiving “low reward” experience double the risk of heart disease compared to men free of those stressors. And, as usual, the bad news is even worse for the brothers.

“Considering the significant amount of time people spend at work, understanding the relationship between work stressors and cardiovascular health is crucial for public health and workforce well-being,” said lead study author Mathilde Lavigne-Robichaud, R.D., M.S., doctoral candidate, Population Health and Optimal Health Practices Research Unit, CHU de Quebec-University Laval Research Center in Quebec, Canada as shared in an article by the American Heart Association. “Our study highlights the pressing need to proactively address stressful working conditions, to create healthier work environments that benefit employees and employers.”

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