HBCU Superheroes creators: (L-to-R): Raheem Mander, Adisa Iwa, Raynal Harris (Center): Ronald Sullivan

In a world where magic and alien threats collide, “HBCU Superheroes” is an innovative animated project set at the prestigious HBCUniversity, which embodies the legacy of all 107 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The narrative follows Isaiah Kemet, a charismatic Morehouse-educated professor tasked with saving the world from an impending cataclysm by forming an unconventional alliance of superheroes from traditional HBCUs and supervillains. The only rule is there is none.

“HBCU Superheroes” has a dynamic universe of superheroes and teams representing all 107 HBCUs. The project was conceived by visionary Morehouse College alumni Raynal “Shaka” Harris, founder of Harris and Smith Architect Firm; Adisa Iwa, distinguished Spelman College Film Professor; Ronald Sullivan, esteemed Harvard University law professor; and Maurice “Raheem” Mander, the brilliant creator of “HBCU Superheroes.” As unwavering advocates for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, our mission goes beyond celebrating their rich legacies to address their urgent financial needs. We are dedicated to establishing meaningful partnerships with each HBCU, directing a portion of merchandise proceeds featuring the superhero representing each institution to benefit the respective college. This dynamic initiative not only entertains but actively empowers and supports these invaluable institutions, fostering a lasting positive impact on HBCUs and their communities. 

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“HBCU Superheroes” aims to secure a television and film deal with the right partners. You can support our efforts by clicking the link below to view and share our animated trailer. 

For further information and media inquiries, please get in touch with Maurice Mander @ surianseedcomics@gmail.com. 

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