Attendees at the Black Women Invest “Vision of Wealth Brunch” Credit: Credit: Black Women Invest

Not enough Black people use investment vehicles to grow wealth. The rate of investors over the last 25 years mirrors that of a stock market ticker. Some years, it’s up, others it’s down.

The number of Black people investing today is as low as it was in 1998, which was 57%, according to the Ariel Schwab 2022 Black Investor Survey, which looked at 1,035 Black investors. In 2020, it hit a low of 55%, and in 2022, it barely increased to 58%.

While it’s a slight positive change, Schelo Doirin, founder of Black Women Invest, expects this number to grow even more in the coming years. She says it’s because of an “awakening” among Black women.

Doirin, 30, sees a way to accelerate the number of Black investors — create a safe space and community for Black women to learn how to invest, grow wealth, and build their ideal futures.

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