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The last time I’d watched The Women of Brewster Place, probably was from a VHS tape I had ordered years ago. Since then, I have not watched the movie in years, but I have seen most of the wonderfully talented actresses go on to do bigger and more captivating projects.

Let’s take a look at this critically acclaimed movie, adapted from a book. This is part of my Black History Month features, which will be posted weekly.

The Women of Brewster Place is a television movie that originally aired on ABC on March 19, 1989. It was based on the novel of the same name by Gloria Naylor and was directed by Donna Deitch.

The movie stars a predominantly black cast, including Oprah Winfrey, the late-Cicely Tyson, Jackée Harry, Olivia Cole, Lonette McKee, Robin Givens, and Paula Kelly. The movie follows the interconnected lives of seven African American women who live in a run-down housing project in a poor urban neighborhood, known as Brewster Place.

Each woman has her own struggles and dreams, but they all find strength and solace in their friendships with each other. The story begins with Mattie Michael (Mary Alice) and Miss Sophie (Olivia Cole), two elderly friends who have been living in Brewster Place for many years.

Mattie’s estranged daughter, Ciel (Robin Givens), comes to visit her, bringing with her a troubled past and a dream of a better life. Other residents of Brewster Place include Etta Mae (Jackée Harry), a single mother struggling to raise her three children and find her place in the world; Kiswana (Lynn Whitfield), a young college-educated woman who moves to Brewster Place to try and make a difference in the community; Lorraine (Paula Kelly), a proud and independent woman who struggles with alcoholism; and Cora Lee (Lonette McKee), a beautiful and talented singer who is trapped in an abusive marriage.

As the women navigate their daily struggles and relationships, they find comfort and support in each other, forming a sisterhood that helps them overcome their individual obstacles. The Women of Brewster Place is a powerful and emotional story that delves into issues of poverty, racism, sexism, and domestic violence.

It showcases the strength and resilience of black women and the importance of community and solidarity in overcoming adversity. The movie received positive reviews and was praised for its strong performances by the talented cast. It was also nominated for several awards, including five Primetime Emmy Awards. If you are looking for a moving and thought-provoking film that celebrates the lives and experiences of black women, The Women of Brewster Place is a must-watch.

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