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In a groundbreaking move for both sustainable energy and women-led businesses, DLO Energy Resources Group, a Black woman-owned company based in Johannesburg, has secured a major triumph in the renewable energy sector. Founded in 2011 by visionary entrepreneur Linda Mabhena-Olagunju, DLO Energy Resources Group has swiftly risen to prominence as a key player in Africa’s renewable energy landscape. 

The company’s commitment to clean and affordable energy is exemplified by its successful projects, including the notable 10-MW Onseleni solar park completed in 2013 and the Longyuan Mulilo wind farm. DLO Energy Resources Group’s latest achievement is the acquisition of a 30% equity stake in the broad-based Black economic empowerment special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the Longyuan Mulilo wind projects in South Africa’s Northern Cape.  

This strategic move positions DLO Energy Resources Group as the largest Black woman-owned shareholder in one of South Africa’s largest operational wind farms. The acquisition not only underscores the company’s dedication to sustainable development but also marks a significant milestone for women’s empowerment in the business world.  Mabhena-Olagunju’s vision for DLO Energy Resources Group is deeply in the company’s mission to “lead the way in the development of sustainable and renewable energy solutions for Africa.” 

With this recent acquisition, the company is not only solidifying its position in the renewable energy sector but also contributing to the broader empowerment of women in business. This success story is important to the transformative impact that Black woman-owned enterprises can have on the renewable energy landscape and serves as an inspiration for future ventures in sustainable development across the African continent.

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