9 Black-Owned Fashion Brands You Should Know About

There are a lot of ways you can go about expressing your personal style, but what can be more fun than showing off your fashion sense? With a wide assortment of designers and brands to choose from it can be hard to set yourself apart in the crowd with so many big names following the same trends. Thankfully, there are some great black-owned brands and black designers that offer a range of styles that will fit your aesthetic and your lifestyle.

From high fashion gowns you can wear to your next corporate event all the way to vintage streetwear that showcases POC creativity, these black-owned brands have their fingers on the pulse. We cover clothes, accessory labels, and many others. Many of these black-owned brands have flown under the radar while others have been spotted on the likes of Beyonce and more.

Nicole Shante

For your next party or upscale event, Nicole Shante is the brand to choose. From passionate prints to bold pantsuits, all eyes will be on you when you enter the room. The focus of this brand is high-quality fabrics, rich colors, and detailed tailoring that create a timeless look for any body type. The brand never compromises on fashion and makes sure to cater to a diverse crowd for complete inclusively.

Tove Studio

Are you looking for a carefree outfit that accentuates your curves? If so, then Tove Studio is just the brand for you. This black-owned brand features romantic styles and carefree outfits that will take you back to the summers of your childhood. Breezy skirts and dreamy dresses will make you feel ultra-feminine and bring out your natural beauty. Pair their outfits with simple heals and some boho arm candy to bring the whole look together.


This black-owned fashion label started off in LA and is currently one of the most well-known high-end labels in the industry. The collections offered are the opposite of fast fashion, instead, focusing on timeless beauty that will last for decades. Most of the pieces are a mix of classic silhouettes created in a way that is completely androgynous. From printed backless tops to simple vests and printed T-shirts, you are sure to find something that sparks your stylistic desire from this brand.


Move over Kim Kardashian, and make room for Liberté. This black-owned brand is all about making beautiful lingerie from high-end French fabrics for women of all sizes. Their lacy designs will make you feel sexy at any size, and they even have extended cup sizes that were created with POC bodies in mind. They offer sexy sets and also those intended for regular use. No matter what your taste, size, or body shape, Liberté has something from their brand to make you feel sexy.


When it comes to styling, it is often the little things that will bring a whole look together. This black-owned brand creates delicate jewelry from real gold. The chains are crafted with style in mind but are also strong enough for daily wear. They offer a range of premade messages on their chains or you can customize your jewelry to make it all your own. Many people noticed Michelle Obama’s “vote” necklace ahead of the last election, and it may surprise you to know that she ordered her necklace from this amazing black-owned brand!

LaQuan Smith

In the world of women’s wear, it can be hard to become one of the brands that dress the elite. However, LaQuan Smith, who is a native of Queens in New York, has done more than break into fashion. He has created an elite brand that has been seen on many stars such as Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Lizzo, J-Lo, and many others. The brand shares its name and his collection is known for not only enhancing the female form but also celebrating it in all of its iterations. Although he is a favorite of A-list celebrities, his well-tailored clothing is available to all on his website.


Every year there is a trendy item that captures the attention and the imaginations of the fashion-forward. This past year, that happened to be the colorful and creative satin bags made by the black-owned brand Roop. These colorful bags are both elegant and playful at the same time making them a perfect complement to any spring or summer outfit. All of the fabrics used to make these bags are leftovers that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill. This is not only good for the environment, but it also means that each and every creation is one of a kind.

Le Beau Monde

For those who love to follow fashion trends but prefer to keep a moderate budget, La Beau Monde is the place to be. This black-owned brand is always on top of trends and even makes them from time to time while still keeping their products affordable. You can pick up a hot halter dress for a night out on the town for less than $30, or you can even dress yourself in a summer delight for about the same price. No matter what you desire there is something trendy and affordable available that will meet your needs and your style.


In recent years this brand has been making waves at the street level and on the catwalk. Virgil Abloh has created a brand that is dedicated to unique streetwear that speaks to fashion-forward artists of all ages. With more than 10 million Instagram followers, this label has set the catwalk on fire with its statement pieces and other seasonal items that are always created in limited quantities. Aside from clothing, you can add their bags, trainers, and belts to your wardrobe for an instantly recognizable outfit that is worthy of the gram.

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