Racial prejudice and bullying, a lack of funding, inadequate mental health support, and inexperienced teachers — those are just some of the challenges Black students face in America’s K-12 public schools. We see some of these issues show up on television on “Abbott Elementary,” but representations of Black students and schools are a mixed bag on the big screen. Some films — we’re looking at you, “Dangerous Minds” — dive right into the stereotype of the white savior teacher who rescues bad Black kids from their terrible neighborhoods and families. 

So where can teachers see accurate and empathetic representations of the struggles, successes, and joys of teaching Black kids in deliberately underfunded and disenfranchised schools?  

And, most importantly, where are films that present possible suggestions and solutions for educators? 

Here are four films every educator teaching Black students should watch. They’ll give folks an idea what the challenges are, what solutions people are trying, and sometimes they make us smile: 

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Aziah Siid

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