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My husband and I used to have what we called a junk room. It was a guest room that was constantly dirty. The bed was so cluttered you could not sit on it, and the floor was stacked with so much stuff that you could not walk freely. When we had company, it was the place we tucked away things we did not want to give our time and attention to. However, it always caught up to us. Then we would be left with a monumental mess to clean, and the hardest part was getting started.

Beginning was the hardest thing to do for many reasons. First and foremost, it was difficult to talk myself into committing to the task. Second, it was hard to figure out exactly where to begin. Should I start with the floor or the bed?  Should I sort through everything first or just trash it indiscriminately? Lastly, I had to sacrifice time and effort to see it through when there were other things I would have preferred to do. Back then, the catalyst for cleaning the junk room was usually having overnight guests. Since we were living in a two bedroom apartment, there was no alternative but to clean up before overnight visitors arrived.

I always hated the junk room, and I felt a sense of relief when it was cleaned.  Each time I promised myself I would never let it get out of hand again. I started out well, but eventually I would fall into the habit of neglecting that room again. Consequently, I would also procrastinate when it needed to be cleaned.  Looking back, I realize that room symbolized my struggle with obesity.  

I hated being fat! I wanted to stop eating myself into an early grave. However, I was discouraged by the amount of weight I had to lose. I had failed so many times, it took great effort to psych myself up to try again. I sometimes lost the weight, but I always gained it back. Even if I did convince myself to try, I did not know where to start next time around. 

If that is your dilemma, too, allow Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries to assist you. You start at the Cross! Whether it is weight loss or eating disorders, the mess you have created is rooted in sin, and only the Blood of Jesus can remove the stain of it from your life! I speak from experience. Since I learned to eat and drink for the glory of God, I do not have a physical or spiritual junk room anymore. If you are ready to stop procrastinating and clean up the obesity mess in your life, purchase your copies of the Eating as an Act of Worship Workbook and the Eating as an Act of Worship Teacher’s Edition online today at Amazon or Barnes and In the books, you will learn the biblical principles regarding the body, dieting, exercising, and maintaining a healthy body for the glory of God. Read our weekly blog for motivation to stay healthy and fit through Christ. Follow us daily on Facebook, Threads, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for recipes, and diet and exercise tips. Tune in to our syndicated radio show on iTunes, Spotify, The Narrative Matters, StudioW Buzz Radio Station, and Victory KVDW 100.9 FM, 95.3 FM, and 1530 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas for interviews and health and fitness trends. Lastly, make your tax-deductible donation to Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries at!

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