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Studies also show that a happier and healthier workforce is a more productive workforce, and that overworked employees are more likely to make mistakes.
Thermo Fisher Scientific has profited millions from Henrietta Lacks’ stolen cells. As Lacks’ relatives move forward with a lawsuit against the company, Deleso Alford, J.D., says the family deserves justice.
Experiencing racial bias on the job isn’t uncommon for Black nurses. One West Virginia nurse who worked her way up from a CNA to a nurse manager has no tolerance for it.
The African American Burial Grounds Preservation Act being proposed in the U.S. Congress is threatening Black cemeteries. Activists are calling for Black descendants to be given direct involvement in making decisions about how best to manage these burial grounds.
National Month of Hope was founded by Mothers in Crisis as a way to provide hope and support for the people they serve and to encourage others to do the same.
Black voters are the main reason we have leaders in the White House and Congress who have firmly rejected the anti-democratic actions of the previous President and his supporters. Black people have also proven ourselves repeatedly to be agents of change for this country, from the civil rights struggles of the 1960s to the Black Lives Matter movement of today.
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