SpaceX has been steadily increasing its production capacity over the past few years, as it ramps up to meet the growing demand for its affordable launch services. This includes new manufacturing facilities and more advanced technologies, such as 3D printing.
Source: Boston Globe
Europe is no longer for those with extra time and a disposable income. If you are looking for a vacation spot rich in historical sites and swimming in scenic views, Lisbon is the place to be.
As a result of a traffic accident, it was a struggle and a hint of frustration just to avoid the mammoth Lake Pontchartrain. Yet, after it was cleared, I wind up passing right under it on I-10 East heading back into the business district of New Orleans.
That was my ticket to board, and my health form, why this could not be done through an app or through the website, I have no clue. In addition to needing vaccination paperwork, I also needed to have a negative Covid-19 test to board the ship as well.