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The report is part of Reinvestment Fund’s commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of HBCUs as critical institutions in the communities in which they operate.
The economic instability men and women face is profoundly influenced by racial economic inequality. This snapshot will briefly review the socio-economic differences between men and women and highlight how those differences intersect with racial and ethnic disparities in the United States.
More than 73 percent of African Americans reported the inability to cover expenses for three months in an emergency, according to an April 2021 Pew Research Poll.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted Americans overall in this category with only 4 in 10 Americans of all backgrounds reporting the ability to handle a $1000 emergency expense right now without using the charge card. 
To answer these questions, we collected 2019 data from the primary source of US tax information: The US Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Statistics of Income (SOI) Division.
Recent steps by the Biden Administration to alleviate the worst effects of high fuel prices on the budgets of American families include a promise to enact the largest Strategic Oil Reserve release in history
Kiva is thrilled to bring our crowdfunded, 0% interest loans to meet the needs of Baltimore’s most underserved entrepreneurs. In the U.S., where minority-owned, women-owned, and startup businesses face numerous barriers to financing, we’re proud to extend opportunity by lending to entrepreneurs based on character, not credit score,” Kiva co-founder and President Premal Shah said in a statement.
One year ago today, we announced commitments to build sustainable equity for Google’s Black community and beyond, and make our products and programs more helpful to Black users. Since then, we've been working to translate our commitments into lasting meaningful change. Today we’re sharing more updates on our progress.
Hastings said he and his wife became familiar with Tougaloo because of the college's partnership with Brown University in Rhode Island. The $10 million donations will go to help with scholarships for students in the program with the Ivy League school.
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