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According to latest data, more than 63% of Americans now live on paycheck to paycheck, which is actually an improvement over the 65% in 2020 and the 64% reached earlier this year.
The PitchBLACK Awards ceremony, on April 28 will celebrate Black media storytellers by honoring the past (Trailblazer Award), the present (Forum Awards) and the future (Nonso Christian Ugbode Award). The ceremony’s keynote speaker is award-winning documentary filmmaker Dawn Porter (“John Lewis: Good Trouble and The Way I See It”).
This past weekend, a protest and candlelight vigil were held in Patrick’s memory; hundreds of Grand Rapids residents showed up, and Peter’s translator, a local pastor named Israel Siku, got a few of the marchers to re-create the incident as he’d viewed it in police footage. “It was an execution style,” he exclaimed, formulating a clear image of a cop holding Patrick on the ground, face down, and shooting him through the back of the head.
As a result of a traffic accident, it was a struggle and a hint of frustration just to avoid the mammoth Lake Pontchartrain. Yet, after it was cleared, I wind up passing right under it on I-10 East heading back into the business district of New Orleans.
Baba Deal founded the African Heritage Dance Center and taught in numerous elementary & secondary schools across the country. He was masterful as a teacher and shared his talents in a plethora of settings including instructional classes, seminars, masterclasses, and lecture demonstrations for art centers, dance studios, theaters, colleges, universities, and other cultural and educational venues.
Mick Jagger in St Louis
The stage at the Dome at America’s Center is set for the Stones concert. That concert launches their 13-date tour. It will be the band’s first St. Louis show since 2006 when they performed at the Savvis Center, now known as Enterprise Center.