My hopes were met with relief. The first bit of great news was that I didn’t have to do another big chop! I could relax my curls and trim the processed ends away slowly. As a result, when I got the first relaxer after my Jheri Curl, my hair was the longest it had ever been! I was delighted and immediately took advantage of my newfound glory. Black girls with “real” long, straight hair were uncommon at that time, so I moved into “first place” in the hair competition amongst my peers.  
I was one of only three black students in most of my classes, all three of us girls. I wore my hair relaxed, one of the other girls sported her natural hair, and the other had a Jheri Curl. We were like a cross-section of hairstyles for young Black girls (LOL).
It’s not until after your first wash that your strands and scalp recover a bit and you can have a little fun with your hair. But inevitably, new hair will grow in, and the truth of your texture will re-appear at the roots.
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