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The mental health of children and teens in the U.S. has been getting worse for years before the pandemic. The pandemic only worsened things. That's what prompted the task force to look closely at the research to see whether screening children using standardized questionnaires might benefit them.
We believe that one day the entire created world will be transformed to become what God always intended it to be: free of pain, death and sorrow. It will be an earth that still contains some of the things of this life: food, art, mountains, lakes, beaches and culture. There will be hip-hop, spirituals, soul music and grits (with cheese, salt and pepper — not sugar) in the renewed creation. Christians believe that our bodies will be resurrected from the dead to live in this transformed earth.
Low-income tenants who are displaced are generally forced into low–quality housing in poorer and higher-crime neighborhoods. Evictions cause psychological trauma, increase the likelihood of suicide, increase emergency room usage, decrease credit access, and lead to homelessness. This problem is especially traumatizing for children, impacting their emotional, social, and physical well-being, and increasing the likelihood of lead poisoning, food insecurity, and issues with academic performance.
The powerful thing about this illustration is that no one would be entirely wrong, or entirely right, and this is so often the case in life. We are neither right nor wrong about many matters of life; we are simply limited in our perspective. 
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