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Delivering a child is considered one of the worst pains the human body must endure. However, we fail to realize that we endure mental, emotional, and spiritual labor when we struggle to bring our visions and goals to fruition. If you’re laboring to make your health and fitness dreams a reality, read today’s article for motivation and encouragement to stay the course!
More than 73 percent of African Americans reported the inability to cover expenses for three months in an emergency, according to an April 2021 Pew Research Poll.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted Americans overall in this category with only 4 in 10 Americans of all backgrounds reporting the ability to handle a $1000 emergency expense right now without using the charge card. 
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If someone is a gun enthusiast and believes wholeheartedly in the second amendment, or they don’t believe in abortion, or they disagree with me on tax policy.  Those are positions within the norm of political differences.  We can argue about these things and have a beer and go home still being friends. But this isn’t the type of conservative that Sage Steele is.  She’s disgusted with the vaccine mandate that ESPN has put in place to keep their workplace safe.  Steele also has an issue with the way some women who aspire to be in broadcasting dress.  
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Get up, get out, and push yourself to get started with the restoration process of a healthier you. It’s up to you and only you to restore you.  
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Ana-Isabel holds the distinction of being the first grandchild in her familial clan. She also holds the distinction and honor of being the eldest to her tribal cousins. A role she takes very seriously. Inktoberan, an online challenge within the art community inspired her to enter her drawing entitled ‘Poisonous’ her take on the sugar addiction epidemic sweeping her communities.
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