Danielle is young, sexy, and ambitious. She is moving forward with the speed of light when the pursuit of love changes her plans. Danielle falls victim to a crime of passion that ultimately leads to heartache, abandonment, and manslaughter.

As she sits in a tiny jail cell, she asks herself, “What have I done? How did I get here?”

By the grace of God, she was returned to society when others served a life sentence for the same crime. Counting her blessings, or is she? Even in jail, she continues to make the same choices. Being involved with man after man when the man she should have been involved with was God.

Blessing after blessing, Danielle sees what God has laid out for her, but she isn’t ready to follow quite yet. When most people find salvation and self-reflection in jail Danielle continues to seek self-fulfillment. She is still lukewarm, traveling with her daughter down a disastrous road in the search for the perfect cookie-cutter family.

If incarceration didn’t bring her to God, then maybe escaping death would. Or would it?

What does it really take to open one’s eye to see the path HE has set out for you?

Come experience the heart-wrenching transition from Lukewarm. This trilogy is based on this author’s true life’s trials and spiritual journey that took her to the realization… ONLY GOD.



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