Black mothers are real targets of baby formula shortages, and they are struggling to find a way to provide proper nutrition for their infants and children. The ongoing supply disruptions and a recent safety recall have left many pharmacy and supermarket shelves bare, leaving many parents scrambling to ensure their babies receive the formula they need.

The Black Infant Health Program is working to assist mothers, but more needs to be done to help these families in crisis. Mills urges the government to take action and fix the problem so that no child goes without the vital nutrition they need. Two women were also seen arguing in the cameras. ‘I have a child to feed too!’ Shocking moment two mothers fight after one ‘strips Target shelves bare of baby formula’ in Massachusetts as shortage spills over into conflict. 

The nationwide shortage of the product continues to cause problems with-it stores rationing supplies and many brands of formula out of stock, Black families feel the impact of the shortage more than most due to the fact that formula is costly, and Black families are more likely to work poverty-level jobs. Additionally, Black women face barriers to breastfeeding, making formula an even more essential part of their infants’ diets. The government is taking some steps to address the shortage, but more needs to be done to ensure that all Black families have access to the formula they need. Roughly 43% of the top-selling baby formula products at national retailers were out of stock as of the week ending May 8, according to the most recent analysis from Disassembly. The shortage comes following a recall of Abbott Pharmaceuticals baby formula, the largest supplier of baby formula in the country. According to Daily Mail, Several brands of Abbott baby formula were cancelled due to contamination concerns. On Wednesday night, the government appeared to be finally attempting to do something to resolve the baby formula crisis. The House of Representatives passed a bill to provide $28million in an emergency after parents blasted President Joe Biden for taking too long to invoke the Defense Production Act. Republicans said the legislation covered up for the administration’s ‘ineptitude’ during the crisis and was only ‘throwing money at the FDA rather than fixing the problem. The White House now insists the new moves will reverse the baby formula shortage after weeks of bare shelves, with Surgeon

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