How are you doing in regard to your New Year’s resolutions?  Are you still going strong a month into the new year, have you already faltered once or twice, or have you given up altogether?  Change is truly easier said than done.  It is much harder to stick with your decision when things get difficult. This is true regardless of the change or changes that you set out to make. For example, an alcoholic probably wanted to start drinking again when the withdrawal symptoms kicked in. A person with anger management issues probably flew off the proverbial handle when he was cut off in traffic.  Likewise, those who resolved to lose weight or become free of eating disorders may have given in to their cravings for sugar-filled, fat laden, and fried foods, or been on the verge of reverting to old habits when confronted with an eating disorder trigger.

Unfortunately, it does not have to be a major fight that knocks a person out of the race.  People often lose the minor skirmishes and never make it to the major battles. Consequently, they automatically lose the war.  For instance, you may have made a resolution to work out several times a week with a group of friends, but all of them have either quit outright or make excuses when you contact them to workout.  Therefore, you use their lack of commitment as an excuse to give up yourself.

You will never leave the Wilderness of Obesity and Eating Disorders if you refuse to do battle alone. Just ask David.  He stood alone as a child with a cowardly army behind him as he faced a giant called Goliath.  You will never claim your Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life if you can’t leave behind those who do not want to go and were never meant to make the journey with you. Abraham is a witness to that.  This is your fight, and the only Person who is able not only to stand with you through it all but also able to fight for you when you’re tired, weak, and feel like giving up, is the Lord.

If you are ready to truly resolve to take the journey to permanent weight loss and freedom from eating disorders, step off of the well-worn path of least resistance, and purchase your copies of the Eating as an Act of Worship Workbook and the Eating as an Act of Worship Teacher’s Edition online today at Amazon or Barnes and  In the books, you will learn the biblical principles regarding the body, dieting, exercising, and maintaining a healthy body for the glory of God.  Read our weekly blog for motivation to stay healthy and fit through Christ.  Follow us daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for recipes, and diet and exercise tips.  Tune in to our syndicated radio show on iTunes, Spotify, the DFW Den Radio Station, the StudioW Buzz Radio Station, and Victory KVDW 100.9 FM, 95.3 FM, and 1530 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas for interviews and health and fitness trends.  Lastly, make your tax-deductible donation to Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries at!

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