Have you ever looked back over your life and realized that many of the problems that once seemed insurmountable actually turned out to be no big deal?  Afterwards, did you wonder why you were so worried about it at the time?  I have. The enemy is a lot like a wild animal who puffs himself and your circumstances up like a balloon in order to make them appear larger and scarier than they truly are. Just like prey in the wild, we react to the inflated scene playing out in our lives, often with worry, doubt, fear, and hopelessness. After the storm is over, you realize the wind howled, the thunder roared, and the huge rain drops sounded like hail while hitting the windows, but it was only just a rainstorm with only minor damage, if any.

You probably do not believe this right now, but the truth is it is the same thing in terms of health and fitness. I know in your mind you think it cannot be done.  From your perspective, losing weight is an impossible dream because you could not start, let alone stick with, a diet and exercise plan for the remainder of your life even if your life depended on it. A lot of people have believed that inflated lie from the enemy and lost their lives when they had the power through Christ to be spared from a painful, unnecessary death.

From your perspective, your problem with your weight or eating disorder cannot be conquered. From God’s point of view, it is already done! Yes, it is a big problem, but it has a very workable solution when taken in small increments.  Contrary to the enemy’s messages of defeat, God says you will be victorious. All you have to do is believe the truth and act on it in faith. Instead of magnifying your weight loss problem or the eating disorder, remember how big your God is.  He is the God of all creation, and there is nothing greater than Him! When you feel tempted to look at the size of the problem before you, remember all the times God has delivered you from the other huge problems of life. Then follow Mary’s example and declare, “My soul doth magnify the Lord” (Luke 1:46)!

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