Having faith is not always a simple thing. Sometimes it is hard to believe, especially when reality appears to contradict your faith. Another thing that makes it difficult is when the object of your faith fails you. For example, we all have faith that the chairs we sit in will bear our weight when we sit down, but on rare occasions, chairs have been known to collapse under the weight of the person who sits down upon them. Not only is that a very painful and embarrassing experience, but it is also something that you will never forget.

You have probably put your faith in the wrong things at some point along your health and fitness journey. For example, did you trust your doctor to prescribe a diet plan that would work for you, but when it did not, he blamed you, accusing you of not trying hard enough? Have you consulted nutritionists or dietitians who provided meal plans that tasted horrible and left you feeling hungry? Did you believe the testimonials about the diet pills and smoothies, only to discover after you paid for the products that they, too, were ineffective?

Just like the faulty chair, each painful disappointment is a direct hit to your belief that you ever can or will reach your health and fitness goals. However, the worst part is that it eats away at your faith in yourself. When you initially started to gain weight, you were probably confident that you could lose it by dieting and exercising on your own, and you did not understand the people who allowed their weight to balloon out of control. Those entangled with eating disorders may have had similar thoughts. Over time, however, the repeated dieting failures resulted in you becoming one of those people. Consequently, the guilt, shame, and disappointment you feel is mostly because you let yourself down. In other words, you are the chair that failed to hold your own weight!

As a result, you no longer have any faith in yourself. Although you go through the motions of dieting and exercising, you never truly believe that you will succeed because you cannot forget your past failures. You are just waiting on the newest, inevitable dieting failure to manifest itself. Unfortunately, you are absolutely right. It will happen again and again and again so long as you keep wandering in the Wilderness of Obesity and Eating Disorders by putting your faith in all of the wrong people and things. The only way out is to believe the report of the Lord that He will give you the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life and to fight the battle for the territory according to His plans. In the end, faith really is simple. All you have to do is believe the Lord (Genesis 15:6).

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