I’m an award-winning photographer, educationist, mentor and a published author with a substantial amount of experience in various industries including photography, marketing and Branding. I’m a notable and diversified portfolio comprising of major partnerships with renowned companies and has been featured photographer for exclusive events including the Presidential Inauguration, Congressional Black Caucus, Grammy’s, Presidents Dinner and Academy Awards. My work has been featured on various prominent media news-outlets including Black Enterprise and Washington Post.

My first published book is a biography titled “From Homeless to Cool” which depicts my passion and dedication towards life. My second book, “Bull the Bully” is a children’s book bringing awareness of bullying culture. Moreover, one of my biggest news stories was effectively breaking the 2020 Virginia Trump voter intimidation story which was featured in the New York Times and several other publications around the world. I’m the Winner of the 2020 & 2021 Dateline Awards in local journalism for photography and he has recently published his latest book in 2022 titled “Black Male, Black Hoodie” now available on Amazon.  

Currently, I’m the Executive Director of MakeSmartCool Inc which is focused towards empowering the youth, parents, teachers and community in becoming visionary educationists.

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