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MINNEAPOLIS — The busiest days at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport are Wednesday and Thursday, with 33,000 people expected to pass through.

But travel experts are warning people to make plans considering the dangerous weather ahead.

“It feels like any other day right now,” said Jeff Lea, a spokesperson with MSP.

It’s what you would call the calm before the storm.

“It’s been OK so far. I traveled during Thanksgiving and that was really bad,” said one traveler.

With dangerous cold and wind expected in the upcoming days, travelers at MSP are hitting the skies.

“You have to have faith,” said another traveler.

As travel experts warn people to look for options. 

“The sooner you leave, the better,” said Kyle Potter, with Thrifty Traveler.

Potter says several airlines are issuing weather waivers to help travelers get out earlier. 

“It really gives travelers a chance to get ahead of the game here, because 24 to 48 hours from now, it might be impossible to fly out of Minneapolis/St. Paul with the weather that’s coming,” he said.

“Snow is beginning tomorrow and high winds along with those storms and cold temperatures that could impact flights taking off and landing,” said Lea.

Lea says travelers should check their airlines frequently in the upcoming days for any flight delays or cancellations, as travelers warn others to plan ahead.

“Stay safe, stay safe,” said one traveler.

For a full list of travel waivers offered, visit the link here.

Image: Jeffrey Blum/Unsplash

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