Sharp pains, tightness in the shoulders, stiffness of the neck, occasionally back spasms, and of course tension headaches. Yes these descriptions definitely define and fit the characteristics of a person that has been put into some type of traumatic situation.

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Whether it was due to an accident, playing a contract sport, or simply a physical altercation. What I’ve learned after visiting a chiropractor’s office, our body’s structure can take a traumatic hit and become slightly shifted.

I also learned that chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially of the spine. Visiting a chiropractor can be beneficial towards your health with helping increase your body’s  recovery, when your body has gone through any motion of physical movement.

For example, exercising at the gym with weights can cause a lot of pressure and tension on your joints, muscle tissue, ligaments, and bones. Seeing a therapist that specializes in the body’s anatomy and its functions can indicate whether  your physical health is in need of improvement. 

Click, click goes the sound of x-ray  camera, as I stand up against the white wall. Turn to your left, as the nurse instructed to me. Then a moment of silence as wait to be seen by doctor.

A courtesy knock at the entry door of the room that I was setting in whole waiting to be checked out.  When the doctor entered the room greeting me with a “good morning “, I replied with a “good morning .” The doctor brought out my x-rays and began to explain what I was looking at and tell me how it could be repaired throughout a series of chiropractic session.

During the presentation of his consultation, while looking at my x-ray he showed me how my shoulders were shifted and the curving of my spine was in a slight bind like a candy cane. 

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I was in shock and in disbelief to what I was looking at in the office of the Doctor. I was then asked to stand up to my feet to begin the process of getting me back an alignment. I was instructed to do several squats and stretches. He quickly noticed that I had no natural movement on my right side and asked if I felt any tightness in my hips, and I informed that I did.

Continued to explain about an incident that occurred in December of 2013. Once the exercise port of the exam was completed, I was asked to lay down on an adjustment table. While lying on the adjustment table, the Doctor did an alignment adjustment procedure. Instructing me to inhale and exhale during the process of the adjustment.

The nurse then placed tens units padding onto the upper parts of my back in the shoulder blade areas, and began the treatment process for just a short few minutes along with a heated blanket.  This shockwave treatment helped unloosed the tightness that I was experiencing in my shoulders, neck, and back.  

The relief from treatment has been an experience and lesson learned. We are somewhat just like the vehicles that we drive. Meaning, throughout the times of movement there’s gonna be a time of maintenance needed due to wear and tear. 

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Ephesians ‭4‬‬:‭3‬ 

3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. 

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