With all the stress going on in the world a mental break is needed. I’ve put together a list of 5 steps to help with mental health management to help alleviate the stressors in folks everyday busy lives. Please use this as a reference and feel free to suggest your own.

  1. Turn off the phone and take a break.

You can’t talk about self-care without taking a break from your phone as well. Everyone is so socially attentive to mobile devices that we forget to unplug from the daily stressors of social influence, and this is key to your mental health.

2) Be outgoing and try something different.

As adults we let work stress us out and don’t always find space in our busy schedules. Asking people what they do Is somethings more entertaining than going out to enjoy ourselves and ang with friends. Engage in artistic activities like painting, music or game night with friends as a way to rejuvenate. Learning other skills, not necessarily directly related to your work, that you feel can enhance your overall quality of life can also be helpful.

3.Learn to Say No.

Sometimes it great to say NO and mean it. You don’t have to please everyone and sometimes. Shifting perspectives to a positive, growth-oriented mindset helps cope with the challenges we are confronted with. When someone asks you to do something you can say No and just stay home and relax. Try reading a book.

4.) Having a Support system is great.

When you’re feeling stressed out or overwhelmed with our responsibilities, we tend to stay with people We may feel that we don’t have time or the energy to make plans, that others won’t understand us, or that we don’t want to burden anyone else with our worries.

Ask yourself if you are getting enough face-to-face time with your friends and what are you doing to nurture your relationships with friends and family? Finally, be kind to yourself and be forgiving

5) Rest and Relaxation is best.

Beyond taking breaks from gadgets, some R & R is important, not just to enhance self-care but also to improve productivity. Take a short break after every 45 minutes of work. At the same time, balance work responsibilities in a manner that allows for some down time, to allow us to come back stronger and sustain our efforts.

The Best thing to do is just relax and life life to the fullest. That’s the best medicate nowadays. I hope this helps.


Anthony Tilghman

Anthony Tilghman, is an 3x Award-winning Photojournalist, Education advocate, Mentor, and Published Author with years of experience in media, photography, marketing and branding. He is the Winner of the...

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