In less than 30 days, the city of St Louis, and county St Louis, have combined to fumble the ball. They could have taken the ball all up into the end zone.

Instead, they opted for a $790 million settlement, with the very guilty NFL, and the stained Stan Kroenke. However, there is no mentioned of an expansion team or a replacement team.

In the very high profiled case, St Louis argued that the Rams relocated back to LA in bad faith. In an ironic twist, The Rams were denied all motions, even to relocate the trial.

So, what will St Louis do with the money?My guess is pay off the legal fees, and I assume do something with the Dome and convention center expansion.

But, what about the die hard fans, the ones who still wanted a team. And any team at that?The NFL hates us so much that they just gave us the money and said blow.

St Louis sued, yes, but dang it, a Super Bowl championship and a few hall of famers came out of the Rams’ tenure.They never offered the fans a team.

Do they loathe a great city this bad to just settle, because St Louis is a good candidate?

A St Louis business executive Dave Peacock was very adamant in keeping the Rams in town.He was reached for comments but he never returned any of my calls.

Peacock was a former boss at Anheuser-Inbev, and now he is with another St Louis-based company as COO of Schnucks Market.He fought tooth and nails to get things going in 2015,even to get plans for a open air riverfront stadium.

All while, Lucifer himself, Stan Kroenke was looking to build in the LA area what is now SoFi Stadium, is a palace in Inglewood, California.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, SoFi Stadium in Inglewood,CA.

Yet, the Rams are still in 2nd place and surely doing ok.They are even hosting the Superbowl, and probably won’t be playing.

So, the questions now remains, what will St Louis do with the money?They surely had up until the trial on January 10, 2022, to really stick it to the NFL.

As a result, St Louis is keeping at least 500 million dollars of the $790.And the fans will have to continue to root for teams outside of St Louis.

Teams we could have snatched

The Jets are horrible and New York doesn’t need two sorry teams.

The Chargers are the Rams’ flunkies. So, they rather stay than come to cursed St Louis.

There was talk of the Jacksonville Jaguars coming to St Louis,but that was deflated.But, they are no better there.

What St Louis should do with the money?

Do an imminent domain, remodel some of the vacant building and create a cultural center. Namely, The Railway Exchange Building and/or The Jefferson Arms.

Build some interesting properties near the Dome.Like a high-rise tower, hotel and entertainment district.

Move the homeless into a nice property like the old bus station.Hire local contractors to fix it up.

Invest in round the clock police security for downtown and the Metrolink.

Provide classes for the prisoners in city jails,and sensitivity training for workers.

Fix the streets.

Attract more shopping options downtown by reinventing the abandoned buildings.

Tear down the stadium garages.

And offer developmental in incentive, for developers to come in and build Towers.

Whatever they decide to do with the money, I am praying it will be well worth not having a football team ever again.

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