Join the 313 Day Celebration in Detroit for a free health and wellness fair, uniting and uplifting the community for a day of well-being.

  • Ebony JJ Curry, Senior Reporter

Detroit residents are gearing up for an inspiring day dedicated to health and well-being as the city prepares to celebrate 313 Day with a special event: The Detroit Health and Wellness Fair. Set to take place at 9928 Grand River Avenue, this in-person gathering aims to foster a community-wide emphasis on healthy living and self-care.

The event is particularly noteworthy for its alignment with “313 Day,” a celebration named after Detroit’s iconic area code, symbolizing city pride and unity. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of community and the collective effort towards improving quality of life in Detroit, including the critical aspect of health access.

Organized by Dr. Alicia Shelby of Shelby Health Equity Advocates, a respected figure in the Detroit health community, is spearheading the fair, which promises an array of activities designed to cater to various interests and health needs. Attendees can look forward to engaging in fitness classes that energize the body, nutrition workshops offering practical eating advice, and sessions focused on stress management to support mental health.

The fair isn’t just about learning; it’s an interactive experience. Participants will have the chance to explore numerous booths, each providing valuable information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise, balanced diets, and effective stress relief techniques. The event is also set to feature personal success stories, offering attendees real-life inspiration and motivation to embark on or continue their wellness journeys.

In addition to the health-focused workshops and classes, the fair will offer a range of complimentary services including HIV screenings, dance and yoga workshops, and even free haircuts, making health and wellness accessible to all participants.

The Detroit Health and Wellness Fair, being a free event, underscores the city’s dedication to making health and wellness accessible to all its residents. It stands as a beacon of hope and unity, showcasing Detroit’s commitment to the health and upliftment of its community, in line with the celebratory essence of 313 Day.

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