December 24, 2021

No one in Congress, the White House, or any state legislature reminds America today of the three demands made by the non-violent warrior King, who sacrificed his life battling segregationist policies and practices that protect white supremacy.
Sadly, too many of today’s generations of White Americans, including those in positions of power and influence who were young adults when King was alive, still lack awareness of the three demands of the Negro Revolution:
Let’s also note the fact that MLK was alive and active in leading the Negro Revolution before … and after … the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Most Americans aren’t aware that this was yet another ineffective law, among a series of ineffective CRAs passed by Congress, dating back to the first in 1866.  
“For the first time in the long and turbulent history of the nation, almost one thousand cities were engulfed in civil turmoil, with violence trembling just below the surface."
More than 50 years after his assassination, no schools in the nation portray King as a non-violent warrior leading a revolution in a war against segregationist policies and practices that protect white supremacy. But that’s how King described himself, specifically invoking the war motif.