October 21, 2021

David Bowie, pictured in concert at Wembley, London, May 1976, tried his hand at journalism in the 1990s. (Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
How the star got the interview of a lifetime with controversial art legend Balthus, but failed to quiz him on alleged pedophilia. The post All The Wrong News: How Bowie Flopped As A Reporter appeared first on Zenger News.
Photographer does nude photo shoot with 200 volunteers to raise awareness for the threatened sea and a new museum. The post Baring It All For The Sake Of The Dead Sea appeared first on Zenger News.
Bnei Menashe immigrants kissing the ground after arriving in Israel on Oct. 13. (Laura Ben David/Shavei Israel)
The Menashe in northern India have preserved the Jewish tradition across 27 centuries of exile.  The post 235 Members Of Lost Biblical Tribe Come Home appeared first on Zenger News.
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