October 9, 2021

What's Now
Photo by Associated Press
Bills vs Chiefs – Game of the week in my eyes. The Chiefs have two losses already, to win this game would re-establish them at the league’s best team.  The Bills are squashing people, and playing really well, and have the momentum.  The Chiefs have come back to the pack a bit.  Bills establish themselves as an elite team in the league.
Photo by Associated Press
If someone is a gun enthusiast and believes wholeheartedly in the second amendment, or they don’t believe in abortion, or they disagree with me on tax policy.  Those are positions within the norm of political differences.  We can argue about these things and have a beer and go home still being friends. But this isn’t the type of conservative that Sage Steele is.  She’s disgusted with the vaccine mandate that ESPN has put in place to keep their workplace safe.  Steele also has an issue with the way some women who aspire to be in broadcasting dress.  
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