September 21, 2021

Our God is Lord of the impossible! As His children, we have been granted divine authority to speak to our situations. Read today’s article, then command the mountains of obesity and eating disorders to move in the Name of Christ the Lord!
In our daily lives, we often prepare before embarking on a new task. For example, we complete at least twelve years of school before entering the workforce. Once there, we enter orientation and training for our new jobs. Like soldiers in the natural real, we should take the same approach before engaging the enemy on the battlefield. Read today’s article to learn how to prepare for the war for your health and fitness!
Bad habits are difficult to break primarily because we become accustomed to them.  To put it bluntly, we become comfortable with our uncomfortable circumstances.  Read today’s article to learn how to finally leave your unhealthy comfort zone in order to reach the Promised Land of Healthy and Fit for Life!
Join Areia Cobb every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month as she shares her road to recovery from COVID-19 and how being a COVID-19 Long Hauler is affecting every aspect of her life; as a wife, mother of two active boys and a working professional. It’s our hope that these journal entries provide hope, inspiration and information as you or your loved one travels your COVID-19 long haul.
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