Fall is the perfect time to cozy up and nourish your soul with some phenomenal soul food that tastes just like your mama made it. Get cozy with some delicious soul food from some of Atlanta’s most outstanding chefs and restaurateurs.

K&K Soul Food - Mac & Cheese | Photo: Facebook/KK-Soul-Food-160341633994688
K&K Soul Food – Mac & Cheese | Photo: Facebook/KK-Soul-Food-160341633994688

1. K&K Soul Food

Pull up to the counter to order up some deliciousness on a plate. This no frills spot is serving up delicious soul food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner–and has been for over 40 years. Try the cheese grits, gorge on fried chicken, and dig into some cornbread at K&K Soul Food. Available for delivery on Grubhub! 

2. Who’s Got Soul

Turkey wings. Candied yams. Peach cobbler. Who’s Got Soul has it all! You’ll come back again and again for their catfish feast and affordably priced eats, just like your mom used to make it. Locations in Lawrenceville, Decatur, and Duluth.

Busy Bee Cafe - Fried Chicken | Photo: thebusybeecafe.com
Busy Bee Cafe – Fried Chicken | Photo: thebusybeecafe.com

3. Busy Bee Cafe

A true Atlanta institution! Busy Bee was founded in 1947 at the height of the segregation era by self-taught cook, Lucy Jackson and is still Black-owned today by restaurateur Tracy Gates. Find this gem on Memorial Drive, just a short drive from Mercedes-Benz stadium. Order up some candied yams and finish your meal with their “ol’ fashioned banana puddin’.”

Twisted Soul's Fried Chicken
Twisted Soul – Fried Chicken | Photo: twistedsoulcookhouseandpours.com

4. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

Seafood macaroni and cheese, Jack Daniels honey pecan wings, and a fried apple pie are just some of the menu highlights at this excellent Blandtown/Westside spot from Chef Deborah VanTrece. It’s soul food and Southern food, but more upscale and very creative. Get twisted with their house-infused moonshine flight!

Roc South Cuisine & Cocktails – Gumbo

5. Roc South Cuisine

This Buford Highway spot has all the good stuff. Collard greens, mac and cheese, oxtails, catfish, and grits. It’s soul food right on Buford Highway!

Old Lady Gang - Apple Pie
Old Lady Gang – Apple Pie

6. Old Lady Gang Southern Cuisine

No scrubs to be found, only great eats at Old Lady Gang. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, businesswoman, and “The Masked Singer” winner Kandi Burruss grew up in a family where cooking was a HUGE part of growing up. She opened up Old Lady Gang to share the family recipes she grew up with to Atlanta diners. Expect *lots* of butter and amazing fried catfish!https://d3fe53873ded4bf849ca8ff6d6c0f600.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Soul Vegetarian | Photo: Soulvegetarian.com

7. Soul Vegetarian

Giving up the soul food you might have grown up with is difficult, but thanks to Soul Vegetarian, you can still get the same tastes from your childhood. The portions are super generous, and the vegan mac and cheese and cornbread is delicious! Locations on Highland Avenue and Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.

Paschal’s – Peach Cobbler

8. Paschal’s

Paschal’s, nestled in Castleberry Hills, has been an Atlanta staple for soul food for over six decades. The prices are super reasonable, and the fried chicken hits the spot every time. The takeout system makes it easy to order all time.

Milk & Honey - Honey Biscuits | Photo: Yelp
The Real Milk & Honey – Honey Biscuits | Photo: Yelp

9. The Real Milk & Honey

Head to College Park for a brunch you’ll always remember. You’ll love the over-the-top presentation and heaping portions with Southern delights like a southern fried lobster and grits and smothered chicken and biscuits. Best part? Brunch is served on weekdays and weekend evenings too, because they understand it’s all too hard to make it out of bed before 3pm on the weekends. Thank y’all!

Big Daddy's Kitchen - Oxtails | Photo: Facebook/bigdaddysatl
Big Daddy’s Kitchen – Oxtails | Photo: Facebook/bigdaddysatl

10. Big Daddy’s Kitchen

For excellent ox tails, perfectly sweet yams, and delicious turkey wings, Big Daddy’s Kitchen is just the place. With locations in College Park, Decatur, and on Campbellton Rd. in Southwest Atlanta.

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